Why Steel Cans? | Canned GOOD

Waste less, recycle more with steel food cans

Steel cans can where others can’t.

When you choose food packaged in steel cans, two very important things happen:

1. Fewer of our planet’s resources get wasted.
2. Less food gets wasted.

Less material waste and less food waste — those are pretty big and meaningful things. There’s no question about it: Steel food cans are pretty amazing (if we do say so ourselves). After all, steel cans are part of our heritage. Part of our childhood memories. Part of our family traditions. And most importantly, part of a sustainable future. That’s something we can all feel good about. We certainly do.

No one ever said, “He’s got a mind like a tin trap.”

All the many things that steel cans can do:

Infinite recyclability

Steel food cans can be recycled over and over and over again with no downgrading of material, which is why over 75% of all steel ever produced is still in use today.

Reduced food waste

Having built-in portion control and helping fresh food stay fresh for a long time, steel cans reduce the amount of food that gets thrown out due to wilting and spoilage.

Higher recycling rates

At 58%, steel food cans have the highest recycling rate of any food packaging. Most other materials can only be recycled a few times — if at all — before losing quality and being sent to a landfill.

Ease of recyclability

Unlike non-magnetic materials, steel can be easily sorted (pulled out) by big mega-magnets at recycling facilities, which is one reason why so much steel actually gets recycled.

Requires no refrigeration to store

Storing canned food requires no refrigeration, which further reduces its impact on the planet as well as its impact on your energy bill.

Ideal for portion control

Due to their size, cans have built-in portion control. And as an added benefit, many recipes actually call for can-sized quantities.

Packaged at peak freshness

Canned food is packed at the perfect level of freshness and ripeness so it’s just right when you open the can.

Food stays fresh until you're ready to eat it

Without getting too “science class” here, the vacuum seal of a metal can removes air, locking in freshness and maintaining quality for at least two years!

Safe and durable packaging

Steel cans are made of, well, steel. And steel is about as durable and safe as packaging gets.