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Waste less, recycle more with steel food cans

Meet Spokescan, the official, well… spokescan for steel cans.

When you choose canned goods, you’re choosing Canned Good™.

Steel food cans hold more than just food. They hold the things you believe in. Like doing your part for the environment, recycling, and not being wasteful. Steel cans are a packaging choice you can feel good about. Like, really good about.

Infinite recyclability? It’s in the can.

That’s right — steel food cans are infinitely recyclable. Infinitely. As in, forever and ever. And ever. And ever. How’s that for sustainability? Most other packaging materials — if they can even be recycled at all — can only be recycled a few times before they lose quality and have to be sent to a landfill.

Reducing food waste? It’s in the can.

Don’t even get us started talking about food waste (okay, too late). Having built-in portion control and helping fresh food stay fresh for a lonnnng time, steel cans reduce the amount of food that gets thrown out due to wilting and spoilage (yes, we’ve all been there, and yes, we all feel bad about it). But when steel cans enter the picture, all that changes. Suddenly, bad feelings gone.

Ease of recyclability? It’s in the can.

No other food packaging out there is easier to recycle than steel. Because it’s super magnet friendly. Unlike non-magnetic materials, steel can be easily sorted (pulled out) by big mega-magnets at recycling facilities. Which is why more than 75% of all steel ever produced is still in use. That’s right…75%. Compare that to, well, any other food packaging. So, if you’re wondering if you’re making the right food packaging choice, steel cans make it easy.

Taking care of the planet’s resources? It’s in the can.

It feels good knowing that when you put a steel food can in the recycling bin, it will actually get recycled. Steel cans have the highest recycling rate of any other packaging, at 58%!  And they require zero refrigeration energy, have built-in portion control and recipe-friendly quantities, so steel food cans help reduce energy use, food waste and landfill waste. That’s good for the planet and your conscience. Because no one likes being wasteful.

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