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Waste less, recycle more with steel food cans

The Recycling Can Calculator

The typical American family uses 5.3 steel cans per week. That adds up to almost 276 cans a year! If you increase your purchasing and recycling of steel cans, what will your overall impact be? Calculate below!

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Recycling existing steel cans is less energy-intensive than creating new steel. Find out how much energy you can save when you recycle your steel food cans.

Energy Savings

Hours powering a US Home

Hours of powering a 45" LED TV

Slices of bread toasted in a 2-slice toaster

Hours of powering a laptop

Loads of laundry

Hours of powering a fridge

CO2e Emissions Avoided

Miles driven by an average passenger vehicle

Number of smartphones charged

For an explanation of the calculations and to see the sources of information, please go to Metal Can Recycling Impact Calculator – Calculation Explanations and Sources - Can Manufacturers Institute | Washington, DC

For more information on metal can recycling and sustainability, please go to Recycling & Sustainability - Can Manufacturers Institute | Washington, DC.

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