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Waste less, recycle more with steel food cans

What's this whole Canned Good™ thing about anyway?

Good question. Canned Good is a movement started by a group of serious can fans (canned goods companies and steel can manufacturers) called the Canned Good Coalition.

We came together in 2021 to increase awareness about all the good things that steel food cans can do for people and the planet, like being super easy to recycle, having the highest recycling rate of any food packaging, reducing food waste by keeping food fresh longer, and requiring zero refrigeration energy to store. And that’s just the tip of the can.

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Our Canned Good Mission

To tell the amazing sustainability story of the steel food can (Selling more canned goods along the way would be pretty nice, too!)

Here's a sample of all the good that
Canned Good is doing:


Energy saved by canned goods purchased at a retailer partner equivalent to 61,427 hours powering a U.S. home.


Energy saved by canned goods purchased at a retailer partner equivalent to 325,206 hours powering a fridge.


Carbon dioxide emissions avoided by canned goods purchased at a retailer partner equivalent to driving 44,444 miles by car.

Good for Consumers

Steel food cans hold more than just food. They hold things we all believe in, like awareness of the environmental impact of the products we choose, the packaging they come in, and food waste reduction opportunities. You can feel good about choosing canned goods.

Good for Retailers

The benefits of choosing steel food cans align perfectly with what shoppers care about–things like recyclability and food waste reduction. And customers' purchases already show their investment in these benefits, with retailers seeing canned food sales lift as high as 75%.

Good for Members

Appealing to customers' values is almost as powerful as appealing to their appetites. Our Canned Good members are seeing significant results from Canned Good (with a 19% lift in favorability for the steel food can), giving consumers one more reason to choose canned goods over other packaging.

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